Treatments for men


Facial Treatments

Refreshing & Cleansing Ritual
280 – 330 PLN
This treatment removes comedones from skin, smoothens it and refreshes cuticle. It restores a natural glow to the skin and makes pores less visible.
duration: 90-120 min
Sabaceous Glands’ Work Regulating Ritual
230 – 280 PLN
This treatment deeply cleanses openings of sebaceous glands, makes pores less visible and restores skin to a complete balance while making it look matt.
duration: 60-90 min
Nutritive and regenerating treatment for dry and sensitive skin (Cold Cream Marine Ritual)
230 PLN
This treatment hydrates, nourishes, regenerates and prevents skin from water-loss. The treatment is dedicated for dry, sensitive skin with tendency towards allergic reactions.
duration: 60 min
Radio Wave Treatment
130 – 300 PLN
This treatment strengthens facial contours and reduces wrinkles.
duration: 60-90 min

Exfoliating Treatments

Mandelic Acid Treatment
150 – 200 PLN
Your skin will be radiant, bright and revitalized after this treatment.
duration: 40 min
Salicylic Acid Treatment
180 – 250 PLN
This treatment reduces acne and skin impurities and regulates sebum production in sebaceous glands.
duration: 40 min
Azelaic Acid Treatment
150 – 200 PLN
This treatment reduces both acne and superficial capillaries erythema. Designed for sensitive complexions.
duration: 40 min
Lactobionic Acid
150 – 200 PLN
This treatment reduces erythema and lifts skin.
duration: 40 min

We recommend manicure and pedicure treatments as well as a wide range of other treatments that we have to offer.