The carboxytherapy is a new method of body defects combat. Its main asset is complexity. A list of indications to implement carboxytherapy is incomparably longer than for any other cosmetic device which is available today.

It is used for such cases as:

– Dark circles and bags under eyes (effectiveness at 90%)
– Crow’s feet (effectiveness at 56%)
– Signs of aging in areas of cleavage and neck
– Pockmarks (effectiveness at 87%)
– Hair loss and weak hair follicles (effectiveness at 77%)
– Double chin
– Stubborn cellulite (effectiveness at 89%)
– Stretch marks (effectiveness at 97%)
– Skin’s elasticity loss
– Wrinkles (effectiveness at 56%)
– Signs of hand skin aging

Carboxytherapy treatment relies on a subcutaneous or interdermal application of heated carbon dioxide. It is a very safe method, not as invasive as other ones and it is clinically proved to be effective.
Carbon dioxide has no negative effect on an organism, it is one of the components of air, which we breathe. It is output naturally from a human organism. The treatment has very little contradictions, which are: pregnancy, postnatal and breastfeeding period, late stages of chronic diseases in which any treatment is not welcome, even a cosmetic one.